A tiny 960byte CSS grid system based on the 960.gs and 1KB grid
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As my work in the realm of front-end design has grown over the last several years, I found myself drawn to the world of CSS grids. These pre-built style sheets help to establish a common design standard that makes it easy to design themes. They also save the hassle of re-creating those familiar "float rules" with each new template.

However, like all my work, performance and simplicity nagged me. I was put off by the size of these files and finally took the best of my favorite grids (like http://960.gs and http://1kbgrid.com) and edited them into a 960 grid system that is only 960 bytes in size.

Now I can use this CSS grid in any project I want without guilt about wasting bandwidth on extra rules that I never use. Further more, the syntax is almost the same as the 960.gs we have all been is so drawn too.

Totally free and released under the MIT license. Enjoy.

David Pennington http://code2design.com