Clean isomorphic starter-kit using Mobx + React + React-router + Webpack
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Isomorphic React + Mobx Starter project

The goal of this project is to provide a starting base for an mobx react project with isomorphism and SEO compabilities ( meta tags change ).

Based on nightwolfz/mobx-starter, except that it's cleaner and simplified.


  • Simplified flexible isomorphic system ( fetchData )
  • Uses Provider to inject global state into Components
  • Document title, keywords and description change integration
  • CSS and SCSS compilation
  • Hot reload for development ( page auto-refresh )
  • Battle-tested structure ( see )


Setting up isomorphic components is as easy as this :

export default class Browse extends React.Component {
    // Executed on client and server ( server waits for Promise to be resolved )
    static fetchData({state, params}){ = 'Browse' // Change document title = 'Loading...' // You can add a loader for the client side rendering

        // Return a promise so that server waits until it's done before serving the page
        return new Promise((resolve)=>{
            setTimeout(() => {
       = 'fetchData : Hello data '+
            }, 1000);
    // Render
    render() {
        return <section>
            <p>This is delayed page example, executed on server and client alike</p>
            <p>Try refreshing and you`ll see it takes 1 second to load this page, while changing routes on the client remains async</p>

How to run

    node index.js

If you want to run production build on your development machine, use cross-env ( npm install cross-env -g )

    cross-env NODE_ENV=production node ./index.js


  • Node 6 or Node 4


  • Express + express-router
  • React + react-router
  • Mobx + mobx-react
  • Mongoose ( optional )
  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • Sass/SCSS loaders


I needed a fully isomorphic website where most important data is shared through out the whole application. So I made this simplified, bloatware-free code for starting a new isomorphic project.

We have one main state object that's observable and all react components decorated with @observer(['state']) have access to it ( though <Provider /> ).

All the rendering is efficiently taken care by MobX


How to add mongoose models ?

  1. Goto src/server/models
  2. Add [Name].js
  3. Goto src/helpers/database
  4. Add a new line under export const Account
  5. Require your model like this import {Account} from './src/helpers/database

How do I make my components isomorpic?

Check if you added the static fetchData({state, params, query}){ static function properly to your component.

My isomorphic component is acting strange / isn't waiting until the request has been done

Verify if your fetchData is returning a Promise and resolve is executed once all required data is fetched.

My components are not updating!

Make sure you added the @inject("state") @observer decorator to your component.

My stateless component doesn't have access to state !

You cannot use decorators on stateless components. You should instead wrap your component like this:

const MyStatelessComponent = observer(['state'],function(props, context) {
  return <p>{context.state.something} !</p>

The propType of an observable array is object

Observable arrays are actually objects, so they comply to propTypes.object instead of array.

Where can I find a more complex starter ?

Check out nightwolfz's implementation !


Sam Megidov