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Sample app for migrating OAuth1.0a tokens to OAuth2.0 tokens.
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Sample OAuth1.0a Token Migrator

This example elaborates on how to build a request for Xero's token migration endpoint, in order to swap an OAuth1.0a access token for a new set of OAuth2 access & refresh tokens.

It's a .Net Core 3.0 application, but the flow should be clear enough that it can be applied to your language/framework of choice. Note the code has been optimised for clear understanding of the flow, and is not intended to be used as-is in a production environment.

It assumes you've already created OAuth2 credentials for your app at


  • In appsettings.json, update the following values:

    • ConsumerKey - this is your OAuth1.0a consumer key from
    • ClientId - this the OAuth2 ClientId from
    • ClientSecret - this the OAuth2 ClientSecret from
    • Scope - this is the list of scope values that your app will request. It must include the offline_access scope.
    • SigningCertPath - this is the path to the signing certificate your app uses in the OAuth1.0a process
    • SigningCertPassword - if your signing certificate has a password, enter it here; otherwise, leave it empty
  • Build the solution

  • Select an access token for one of your already-connected-to-Xero-via-OAuth1.0a organisations

  • Open a terminal window in the /bin folder and run dotnet Xero.Api.Migrate.Core.dll {YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN}

You should see the OAuth2 access & refresh tokens, and the organisations for which the tokens apply, listed in the terminal window.

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