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DLCounter is a simple and clean flat-file PHP download counter. It's compatible with all web servers running PHP 5.x, does not require SQL, and is extremely easy to set up.


  1. Upload www to your server and rename it to anything you want, ex: /download.
  2. Upload your files to the /files directory, ex: /download/files.
  3. Create tracked links with index.php?file=FILENAME, ex: /download/?file=my_file.exe
  4. View your download stats and client info in /stats.


  • The directories for logging stats (default: /stats) and for uploading files (default: /files) can be changed by editing their respective values in config.php
  • If you are on a non-*nix machine and/or do not have PHP exec enabled, set the 'nixWithExec' value in config.php to false
  • Change your default time zone in the config file
  • Change what client info is logged and formatted in the log file in the config file
  • If you want to secure your stats folder, you should either rename it (method above) or lock it with .htaccess