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A pythonp plugin for Hexchat that fixes a GTK issue with US-International keyboards on Windows.
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This python plugin for Hexchat fixes an issue in GTK that occurs when using a US-International keyboard layout on windows. All accents ( ` ~ ^ ' " ) will be placed on the next character typed, including ones that don't normally get an accent.

This plugin fixes that by changing back to the normal behaviour of the quotes, and placing accents on top of those letters that would normally get accents. A whole list can be seen in the source code.


Ensure you have Hexchat installed with python plugin and that you've installed Python 2.7.5 for scripts. If not you can find links here:

Add the proper file to your %appdata%\HexChat\addons folder. If you've got python 2.x installed, you should add, and if you have Python 3.x installed, you should add

Relevant Links

Hexchat Issue: GTK Bugzilla Entry:

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