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Build Status License: GPL v3 Coverage Status OSMbot: OpenStreetMap bot for Telegram

OSMbot is a project maintained by the OpenStreetMap Catalan Community. See WikiProject Catalan/OSMbot.


General Usage

Open a chat in Telegram and send this link or search @OSMbot.
Now, try to send a message similiar as follows:

/search Barcelona

The bot will answer with a list containing a maximum of ten results.
Next, you can follow links for Map or /details command.


/details command shows the information for relevant tags in OpenStreetMap. In this case, will show info (details) for a relation (rel) with this particular OSM ID (347950).
You can see the same element in the OpenStreetMap site: .

In case you want to retrieve more data, you can call the command /raw.


/raw command forces the Bot to send messages with all the available data in the OpenStreetMap database for the particular element.

For more information about general usage and tutorials, you can visit our OSMbot wiki.


For localization we use the Transifex project. More details about the localization project in wiki page Localization.


xbarnada at gmail dot com