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An Emoji library for Perl6, inspired by
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Avolution.P6 is a Perl6 module for using emoji. It substitutes :text: for emojis! You can find codes here but note that not all are implemented and certain emoji on this list may never be implemented like :bowtie: because they are not in the unicode standard. Also note that the _ isn't required in the codes and won't work, you have to use -.

Getting in Contact

If you need further help, ping me on #perl6 at You can also get the teletype code from me if you want to collaborate side by side. If you have an aversion to IRC, you can email me at but I would prefer you just ping me on IRC.


  • Improve speed using Perl5::Inline
  • Support more emojis
  • Write tests (t/basic.t or whatever)
  • Add more functionality like reverse replace or whatever
  • Implement :bowtie: using images
  • allow different colored faces and hands for other skin tones than the default
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