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Diffusion-LM Improves Controllable Text Generation

Conda Setup:

conda install mpi4py
conda install pytorch torchvision torchaudio cudatoolkit=11.3 -c pytorch
pip install -e improved-diffusion/ 
pip install -e transformers/
pip install spacy==3.2.4
pip install datasets==1.8.0 
pip install huggingface_hub==0.4.0 
pip install wandb

Train Diffusion-LM:

cd improved-diffusion; mkdir diffusion_models;

python scripts/ --diff_steps 2000 --model_arch transformer --lr 0.0001 --lr_anneal_steps 200000 --seed 102 --noise_schedule sqrt --in_channel 16 --modality e2e-tgt --submit no --padding_mode block --app "--predict_xstart True --training_mode e2e --vocab_size 821 --e2e_train ../datasets/e2e_data " --notes xstart_e2e

python scripts/ --diff_steps 2000 --model_arch transformer --lr 0.0001 --lr_anneal_steps 400000 --seed 101 --noise_schedule sqrt --in_channel 128 --modality roc --submit no --padding_mode pad --app "--predict_xstart True --training_mode e2e --vocab_size 11043 --roc_train ../datasets/ROCstory " --notes xstart_e2e --bsz 64

Decode Diffusion-LM:

mkdir generation_outputs

python scripts/ {path-to-diffusion-lm} -1.0 ema

Controllable Text Generation

First, train the classsifier used to guide the generation (e.g. a syntactic parser)

python --experiment e2e-tgt-tree --app "--init_emb {path-to-diffusion-lm} --n_embd {16} --learned_emb yes " --pretrained_model bert-base-uncased --epoch 6 --bsz 10

Then, we can use the trained classifier to guide generation. (currently, need to update the classifier directory in scripts/ I will clean this up in the next release.)

python python scripts/ --model_path {path-to-diffusion-lm} --eval_task_ 'control_tree' --use_ddim True --notes "tree_adagrad" --eta 1. --verbose pipe

For details of the methods and results, please refer to our paper.

  title={Diffusion-LM Improves Controllable Text Generation},
  author={Xiang Lisa Li and John Thickstun and Ishaan Gulrajani and Percy Liang and Tatsunori Hashimoto},