View template engine of PHP extracted from Laravel
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This is a view templating engine which is extracted from Laravel. It's independent without relying on Laravel's Container or any others.


With Composer, you just need to run

composer require xiaoler/blade

If you haven't use composer, you should add all the files in folder src to your project folder, and then require them in your code.


$path = ['/view_path'];         // your view file path, it's an array
$cachePath = '/cache_path';     // compiled file path

$compiler = new \Xiaoler\Blade\Compilers\BladeCompiler($cachePath);

// you can add a custom directive if you want
$compiler->directive('datetime', function($timestamp) {
    return preg_replace('/(\(\d+\))/', '<?php echo date("Y-m-d H:i:s", $1); ?>', $timestamp);

$engine = new \Xiaoler\Blade\Engines\CompilerEngine($compiler);
$finder = new \Xiaoler\Blade\FileViewFinder($path);

// if your view file extension is not php or blade.php, use this to add it

// get an instance of factory
$factory = new \Xiaoler\Blade\Factory($engine, $finder);

// render the template file and echo it
echo $factory->make('hello', ['a' => 1, 'b' => 2])->render();

You can enjoy almost all the features of blade with this extension. However, remember that some of exclusive features are removed.

You can't:

  • use @inject @can @cannot @lang in a template file
  • add any events or middleawares


Thanks for Laravel and it authors. That is a great project.