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SOAR (SQL Optimizer And Rewriter) is a tool, which can help SQL optimization and rewrite. It's developed and maintained by the DBA Team of Xiaomi AI&Cloud.


  • Cross-platform support, such as Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Support Heuristic Rules Suggestion
  • Support Complicate SQL Indexing Optimize
  • Support EXPLAIN analyze for query plan
  • Support SQL fingerprint, compress and built-in pretty print
  • Support merge multi ALTER query into one SQL
  • Support self-config rewrite rules from SQL Rewrite
  • Suggestions were written in Chinese. But SOAR also gives many tools, which can be used without understanding Chinese.



  • GitHub issues: bug reports, usage issues, feature requests
  • Gitter
  • IM QQ Group: 779359816


Apache License 2.0.