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This is the README file for CS498 MP1 Spring 2013.

  1. Additional Features that you attempted.
    No, I just tried sorting methods (alphabetically & by deadlines) and some animations.

  2. Code Quality items that you attempted (and needed information like .. which style guide you used).
    I used JQuery Core, Google style guides. And I use this gitHub repo to do version control.

  3. Anything extra that you did and you think should be looked at.
    I drew the background picture myself online.
    And it seems that all the colors I used were regarded as the most pleasant colors for people.

  4. Sources - A list of any sources that you used code or design from and what license that work is under.
    jquery-1.8.2.min.js, jQplugIns.js, jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.js, date.js, 960 gird system.
    It's released under MIT license.

I did not use any website templates for designing and all were created by me (.css).

The websites below helped me write validating deadline dates functions.

The icons I used were all from the website below. They are in Artistica Icon Set.

The fonts I used were all from the website below.

  1. Anything else that you consider relevant to grading or useful.
    Enjoy grading my TODO-List!

p.s. Bugs encontered (Soluction).

  1. DELETE-DONE-NOTES button doesn't work on mobile devices. (use onclick())
  2. CLICK-TO-NOTE button doesn't work on SAFARI & mobile devices. (use onclick())
  3. Adding notes with the same content, we delete the original one but the notes_num still increase. (if..else..)
    4)Sorting alphabetically doesn't work on SAFARI & mobile devices. (change method with 1:-1)
  4. Invalid dates or past dates could be added as deadlines. (write checkDate() and isValidDate() functions)
  5. After adding a new note to a long list of notes, it stay at bottom. (use .scrollIntoView() function)
  6. Can't see the full calendar. (increasing margin-bottom)


An Online TodoList with HTML5 Local Storage.






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