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Implementation of "Self-Supervised Learning via Conditional Motion Propagation" (CMP)


Xiaohang Zhan, Xingang Pan, Ziwei Liu, Dahua Lin, Chen Change Loy, "Self-Supervised Learning via Conditional Motion Propagation", in CVPR 2019 [Project Page]

For further information, please contact Xiaohang Zhan.

Demos (Watching full demos in YouTube)

  • Conditional motion propagation (motion prediction by guidance)

  • Guided video generation (draw arrows to let a static image animated)

  • Semi-automatic annotation (first row: interface, auto zoom-in, mask; second row: optical flows)

Data collection

YFCC frames (45G). YFCC optical flows (LiteFlowNet) (29G). YFCC lists (251M).

Model collection

  • Pre-trained models for semantic segmentation, instance segmentation and human parsing by CMP can be downloaded here

  • Models for demos (conditinal motion propagation, guided video generation and semi-automatic annotation) can be downloaded here


  • python>=3.6

  • pytorch>=0.4.0

  • others

    pip install -r requirements.txt


  1. Clone the repo.

    git clone
    cd conditional-motion-propagation

Representation learning

  1. Prepare data (YFCC as an example)

    mkdir data
    mkdir data/yfcc
    cd data/yfcc
    # download YFCC frames, optical flows and lists to data/yfcc
    tar -xf UnsupVideo_Frames_v1.tar.gz
    tar -xf flow_origin.tar.gz
    tar -xf lists.tar.gz

    Then folder data looks like:

      ├── yfcc
        ├── UnsupVideo_Frames
        ├── flow_origin
        ├── lists
          ├── train.txt
          ├── val.txt
  2. Train CMP for Representation Learning.

    • If your server supports multi-nodes training.
    sh experiments/rep_learning/alexnet_yfcc_voc_16gpu_70k/ # 16 GPUs distributed training
    python tools/ --config experiments/rep_learning/alexnet_yfcc_voc_16gpu_70k/config.yaml --iter 70000 # extract weights of the image encoder to experiments/rep_learning/alexnet_yfcc_voc_16gpu_70k/checkpoints/convert_iter_70000.pth.tar
    • If your server does not support multi-nodes training.
    sh experiments/rep_learning/alexnet_yfcc_voc_8gpu_140k/ # 8 GPUs distributed training
    python tools/ --config experiments/rep_learning/alexnet_yfcc_voc_8gpu_140k/config.yaml --iter 140000 # extract weights of the image encoder

Run demos

  1. Download the model and move it to experiments/semiauto_annot/resnet50_vip+mpii_liteflow/checkpoints/.

  2. Launch jupyter notebook and run demos/cmp.ipynb for conditional motion propagation, or demos/demo_annot.ipynb for semi-automatic annotation.

  3. Train the model by yourself (optional)

    # data not ready
    sh experiments/semiauto_annot/resnet50_vip+mpii_liteflow/ # 8 GPUs distributed training


1. Pascal VOC 2012 Semantic Segmentation (AlexNet)

Method (AlexNet)Supervision (data amount)% mIoU
Krizhevsky et al. [1]ImageNet labels (1.3M)48.0
Random- (0)19.8
Pathak et al. [2]In-painting (1.2M)29.7
Zhang et al. [3]Colorization (1.3M)35.6
Zhang et al. [4]Split-Brain (1.3M)36.0
Noroozi et al. [5]Counting (1.3M)36.6
Noroozi et al. [6]Jigsaw (1.3M)37.6
Noroozi et al. [7]Jigsaw++ (1.3M)38.1
Jenni et al. [8]Spot-Artifacts (1.3M)38.1
Larsson et al. [9]Colorization (3.7M)38.4
Gidaris et al. [10]Rotation (1.3M)39.1
Pathak et al. [11]*Motion Segmentation (1.6M)39.7
Walker et al. [12]*Flow Prediction (3.22M)40.4
Mundhenk et al. [13]Context (1.3M)40.6
Mahendran et al. [14]Flow Similarity (1.6M)41.4
OursCMP (1.26M)42.9
OursCMP (3.22M)44.5
Caron et al. [15]Clustering (1.3M)45.1
Feng et al. [16]Feature Decoupling (1.3M)45.3

2. Pascal VOC 2012 Semantic Segmentation (ResNet-50)

Method (ResNet-50)Supervision (data amount)% mIoU
Krizhevsky et al. [1]ImageNet labels (1.2M)69.0
Random- (0)42.4
Walker et al. [12]*Flow Prediction (1.26M)54.5
Pathak et al. [11]*Motion Segmentation (1.6M)54.6
OursCMP (1.26M)59.0

3. COCO 2017 Instance Segmentation (ResNet-50)

Method (ResNet-50)Supervision (data amount)Det. (% mAP)Seg. (% mAP)
Krizhevsky et al. [1]ImageNet labels (1.2M)37.234.1
Random- (0)19.718.8
Pathak et al. [11]*Motion Segmentation (1.6M)27.725.8
Walker et al. [12]*Flow Prediction (1.26M)31.529.2
OursCMP (1.26M)32.329.8

4. LIP Human Parsing (ResNet-50)

Method (ResNet-50)Supervision (data amount)Single-Person (% mIoU)Multi-Person (% mIoU)
Krizhevsky et al. [1]ImageNet labels (1.2M)42.555.4
Random- (0)32.535.0
Pathak et al. [11]*Motion Segmentation (1.6M)36.650.9
Walker et al. [12]*Flow Prediction (1.26M)36.752.5
OursCMP (1.26M)36.951.8
OursCMP (4.57M)40.252.9
Note: Methods marked * have not reported the results in their paper, hence we reimplemented them to obtain the results.


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Core idea

A Chinese proverb: "牵一发而动全身".


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