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Xiaomi Flashable Firmware Creator

Create flashable firmware zip from MIUI Recovery ROMs!

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Xiaomi Flashable Firmware Creator is a tool that generates flashable firmware-update packages from official MIUI ROMS.

It supports creating untouched firmware, non-arb firmware, firmware + vendor flashable zip, and firmware-less ROMs from any local zip file or direct link of the zip file.


You can simply install this tool using Python pip.

pip install xiaomi_flashable_firmware_creator

CLI Usage

xiaomi_flashable_firmware_creator [-h] (-F FIRMWARE | -N NONARB | -L FIRMWARELESS | -V VENDOR) [-o OUTPUT]


  • Creating normal (untouched) firmware:
xiaomi_flashable_firmware_creator -F [MIUI ZIP]
  • Creating non-arb firmware (without anti-rollback):
xiaomi_flashable_firmware_creator -N [MIUI ZIP]
  • Creating firmware-less ROM (stock untouched ROM with just firmware removed):
xiaomi_flashable_firmware_creator -L [MIUI ZIP]
  • Creating firmware + vendor flashable zip:
xiaomi_flashable_firmware_creator -V [MIUI ZIP]

Using from other Python scripts

from xiaomi_flashable_firmware_creator.firmware_creator import FlashableFirmwareCreator

# initialize firmware creator object with the following parameters:
# input_file: zip file to extract from. It can be a local path or a remote direct url.
# process: Which mode should the tool use. This must be one of "firmware", "nonarb", "firmwareless" or "vendor".
# out_dir: The output directory to store the extracted file in.

firmware_creator = FlashableFirmwareCreator(input_zip, process, output_dir)
# Now, you can either use auto() method to create the new zip file or do stuff at your own using firmware_creator public methods.
new_zip =