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@yshalsager yshalsager released this Jun 1, 2021

Hotfix release to include 022ce9c

  • Add missing modified dynamic_partitions_op_list file to vendor package. Fixed #24
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@yshalsager yshalsager released this May 28, 2021

Hotfix release to include 92ac7c6


  • Update vendor excluded files list. Fixed #23
  • Updated dependencies.
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@yshalsager yshalsager released this Apr 17, 2021

Improved Dynamic Devices Support


  • FW: Exclude dynamic_partitions_op_list from and exaid firmware zip and updater-script
  • Vendor: Use modified dynamic_partitions_op_list with resize vendor line only


a643f88 closes XiaomiFirmwareUpdater/xiaomi-flashable-firmware-creator-gui#1

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@yshalsager yshalsager released this Jan 9, 2021

A/B devices support is here

Xiaomi has released Mi 11 with virtual A/B partitions. This is the first device with MIUI interface that uses A/B since it was just limited to Android One devices. So, It became more necessary to add update payload support to our tool 🔧 .

So, now you can use Xiaomi Flashable Firmware Creator to create firmware packages for Mi 11, Mi A3, Mi A2, and Mi A2 Lite.
For now, only firmware packages can be created, I will add fw+vendor packages support soon.

Note: The payload.bin extract part is handled using extract_android_ota_payload tool.

Finally, I would like to thanks @nullbytepl for helping with the updater-script part.

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@yshalsager yshalsager released this Oct 17, 2020

V2.0 is here

This is a complete re-write of the tool, with tons of improvements. However, backward compatibility is maintained and you can use it just like V1.


With this version, the code has been separated into two repositories, this one for the core and CLI tool, and xiaomi-flashable-firmware-creator-gui for the GUI tool.

Remote Zip files support

This version adds the ability to extract and create firmware zip files from remote zips along with local zip files. All you need to do is to pass a direct link to the MIUI zip as a file argument and the tool will create the required zip from it without having to download the whole ROM zip thanks to python-remotezip.

Class Interface

Also, the tool can be used from other python scripts by importing the firmware creator class. Detailed instruction is available in README file.

Easier Installation

Finally, you can install the tool from Python PyPi now using pip command.

To install the CLI tool use pip install xiaomi_flashable_firmware_creator and for the GUI one use pip install xiaomi_flashable_firmware_creator_gui.

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@yshalsager yshalsager released this Aug 4, 2019

Create FUNDING.yml
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* use regex for getting device codename form updater-script
* fix all pylint warnings
* update check_firmware logic
* use formatted strings instead of concatenation
* always remove old files on start, if exists
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* as splash, dtbo and vbmeta are no longer included in fw zip, there's
no need for including its lines in updater-script
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@yshalsager yshalsager released this Jul 3, 2019

make_zip: update codename regex
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@yshalsager yshalsager released this Jul 3, 2019

* Add MTK devices support
* separate checking firmware type
* pass arguments to functions directly
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