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Enterprise ready Hybrid Blockchain for Global Trade and Finance


  1. XDPoSChain XDPoSChain Public

    Forked from ethereum/go-ethereum

    Customer centric, Hybrid & Interoperable XinFin Network

    Go 48 56

  2. XinFin-Node XinFin-Node Public

    Setup XinFin Masternode using Docker

    JavaScript 60 54

  3. Wallet Wallet Public

    Forked from MyEtherWallet/MyEtherWallet

    Decentralised Wallet

    Vue 13 19

  4. XDCPay XDCPay Public

    Forked from MetaMask/metamask-extension

    šŸŒ šŸ”Œ The XinFin browser extension Wallet enables browsing XinFin blockchain enabled websites.

    JavaScript 10 18

  5. TradeFinexLive TradeFinexLive Public

    Open Standards Protocol for global Trade & Finance. Mitigate Counter-Party Risk by making your Financial Instruments Interoperable & Liquid Start trial under regulatory sandbox environment. Digitalā€¦

    PHP 11 19

  6. Open-Hackathon Open-Hackathon Public

    Live Hackathon on XinFin Network. Start Contribution and Get Free XDC

    HTML 15 44


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