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XDCE Tokens staking function


  • Creating Functionality or API Key access point based on staking XDCE tokens.
  • Any Application Utility/Usage need staking of XDCE token


  • XDCE Staking smart contract
  • Staking should be 6 months to 1 year
  • Verify if the XDCE have been staked
  • Grant API Key or access point to APIs only after staking of XDCE and proving ownership of account


  • XinFin XDCe Smart Contract Source code
  • Visit this for information on XDCE token Purchase and related information.
  • Polka Dot Staking
  • EOS staking
  • ERC 20 staking
  • Payment verification based access for API Key


Staking smart contract, API key access based on verification of staking with full documentation and help file.

Timeframe: 10days

Bounty: 1000 USD worth XDCE


  • Smart contracts
  • API access points
  • Documentation

Prospective Profiles: Solidity Expertise.