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Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the submission repository for the Hackathons associated with XinFin.

You can read more about XinFin and it's protocol on the Documents and Resource.

Participating in the hackathon is as easy as contributing to an open source project on GitHub. Exactly so, because you will register your project by creating an issue in this repository, and submit it by creating a pull request.

Here’s how it works:

The Submission Process

1) Create an issue

Your first step is to create an issue in the XinFinOrg/Hackathon repository. This issue acts as a "soft" registration for the hackathon, and can help you to coordinate your ideas with other participants. An issue is a good place to talk openly about your project ideas with others before you decide on its exact scope.

Use your issue to talk with collaborators, brainstorm, and organize. Check out the other issues to see if there are participants who want to work on the same things.

Members of the XinFin team will be able to point other participants to your issue (if it looks like they can help), help you with technical questions, or just offer support :).

Use appropriate label according to the hackathon you are participating in i.e. use OpenHackthon label while creating an issue if you are paticipating in Open hackathon. You can use LookingForTeammate label to let people know you need a teamate. For more details checkout the labels available here.

2) Build with XinFin

Work on your project as you like. How you work is up to you; We recommend creating a new GitHub repo for your team. Remember to only begin working on your project after the hackathon begins!!

Use the issue you created in step 1 to let others know where your project lives. You might want discuss any technical challenges or attract additional teammembers.

Wherever you work, remember that your project should include an Open Source License of some form, and should be accessible to everyone after the submission deadline.

3) Fork and PR

When you feel ready to submit, create a new fork of the colonyHackathon repo, and add your project as a markdown file inside Hackathon/Hackathon-Name/. Here Hackathon-Name is the hackathon for which you your proposing. For Open problem statements use OpenHackthon directory.

You can use SubmissionGuide/ as a template if you like.

Be sure that your project's folder links to the repo you've been working in, and contains any other supporting materials that you want evaluated by judges (such as links to a pitch deck or demo video).

Once ready, submit via a new Pull Request.

Opening a Pull Request establishes your project as an "official" submission

You can open a PR before the submission deadline and continue to work, but all materials must be finalized before the end of the hackathon. Any commits to your project submission after the deadline will not be considered.

We'd also recommend referencing the issue you created in step 1 using keywords in your PR.

Submit your pull request before the submission deadline

4) Congratulate your team (and yourself) on a job well-done

Whether or not you get a prize, you deserve to be proud of your work. Thanks for participating in the hackathon!

**Developer Community.

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