Setup XDC BlockChain network in a matter of minutes.
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Create and customize your XDC01 private chain within minutes. ( please go here to setup XinFin Public node: )

XinFin Core Network

XinFin Core Quorum Network


Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit or higher

Tools: Docker, Docker Compose


Hardware Minimum Desired
CPU's: 2 4
Memory: 4 GB 8 GB
Storage: 100 GB 500 GB

Network Ports

Following network ports need to be open for the nodes to communicate

Port Type Definition
21001-2100* TCP/UDP GETH
22001-2200* TCP RPC
23001-2300* TCP RAFT
9001-900* TCP Constellation

*-auto-increment depending on number of nodes

Clone repository

git clone    

Step: 1 Install docker & docker-compose

sudo ./

Step: 2 Pull image from Docker Hub

sudo docker pull xinfinorg/quorum:v2.1.0

Step: 3 Launch the setup script

cd static-nodes 
sudo ./

Enter number of nodes, private IP of host machine & unique docker subnet

sudo docker-compose -p <PROJECT_NAME_STATIC_NODE> up -d

Accessing console

sudo docker exec -it PROJECT_NAME_STATIC_NODES_node_1_1 geth attach /qdata/dd/geth.ipc

Stopping the network

sudo docker-compose -p <PROJECT_NAME_STATIC_NODE> down

Adding a new node to the existing network

Install docker & pull image on the new host machine as done earlier in Step 1 & 2

cd dynamic-node
sudo ./

Enter the public IP of the new host machine (private IP in case of local setup, assigned by router) Enter the node number (e.g. if you have 3 nodes up with the initial setup then node number here would be 4)

Copy enodeID from enode-url.json then attach to geth console of any running node & execute


Start the new node

cd dynamic-node
sudo docker-compose -p <PROJECT_NAME_DYNAMIC_NODE> up -d

Upgrade Network

Pull newer version of image from docker hub

sudo docker pull xinfinorg/quorum:v2.x.x

Stop containers running old version

sudo docker-compose -p <PROJECT_NAME_STATIC/DYNAMIC_NODE> down

Update docker-compose.yml to use new image (specify quorum:TAG_NAME as argument)

sudo ./ quorum:v2.x.x

Run new version

sudo docker-compose -p <PROJECT_NAME_STATIC/DYNAMIC_NODE> up -d

Windows / macOS Support Using Vagrant

  1. Install Oracle VirtualBox
  2. Install Vagrant
  3. Install GIT
  4. Launch command prompt & follow the commands below
     git clone
     cd XDC01-docker-Nnodes
     vagrant up
     vagrant ssh
  5. XDC01-docker-Nnodes is automatically copied to /home/vagrant/ follow Step 1, 2 & 3 as explained before in this document to complete the network setup.
  6. To shutdown the vagrant instance, run vagrant suspend. To delete it, run vagrant destroy.

( please go here to setup XinFin Public node: )

Contacting Us

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