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Launch Ubuntu 16.04 Instance

Clone Repository

git clone    

Install Docker & Docker Compose

sudo ./

Pull Image from Docker Hub

sudo docker pull xinfinorg/quorum:v2.1.0


cd static-nodes 
sudo ./

Enter the inital number of nodes & public IP address of host machine & then start the nodes using.

sudo docker-compose -p <PROJECT_NAME_STATIC_NODE> up -d


sudo docker-compose -p <PROJECT_NAME_STATIC_NODE> down

Accessing the Geth console

sudo docker exec -it PROJECT_NAME_STATIC_NODES_node_1_1 geth attach /qdata/dd/geth.ipc

Upgrade Quorum

Pull newer version of quorum from docker hub

sudo docker pull xinfinorg/quorum:v2.1.0

Update docker-compose.yml to use new image (specify quorum:TAG_NAME as argument)

sudo ./ quorum:v2.1.0

Stop containers running old version

sudo docker-compose -p <PROJECT_NAME_STATIC/DYNAMIC_NODE> down

Run new version

sudo docker-compose -p <PROJECT_NAME_STATIC/DYNAMIC_NODE> up -d

Dynamically Adding a New RAFT Node on a separate/same host machine

Install docker & build the Quorum image as done on previous host machine then

cd dynamic-node
sudo ./

Enter the public IP of the new host machine & enter the node number.

Copy enodeID from enode-url.json then attach to geth console of any earlier created staticnodes & do


Start dynamic raft peer

cd dynamic-node
sudo docker-compose -p <PROJECT_NAME_DYNAMIC_NODE> up -d