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🌟LilyGO T-Watch🌟

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  1. In order to be compatible with multiple versions of T-Watch, all examples include a config.h file. For the first use, you need to define the T-Watch model you use in the config.h file
  2. In the config.h file, you can also see similar definitions, such as LILYGO_WATCH_LVGL, LILYGO_WATCH_HAS_MOTOR, this type of definition, it will be responsible for opening the defined module function, all definitions Will be available here View
  3. Most of the examples are only used as hardware function demonstrations. This library only completes some initialization work and some demonstrations. For more advanced gameplay, please see TTGO.h, to understand how to initialize, after being familiar with it, you can completely leave this library for more advanced gameplay

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

🚀 Characteristics

  1. The library already contains all the hardware drivers for T-Watch
  2. Using TFT_eSPI as the display driver, you can directly call TFT_eSPI through the construction object.
  3. Using lvgl v7.7.2 as the display graphics framework, the driver method has been implemented, you only need to call lvgl api according to your own needs.
  4. For the use of lvgl please refer to lvgl docs

🔷 Install

  • Install the Arduino IDE. Note: Later instructions may not work if you use Arduino via Flatpak.
  • Download a zipfile from github using the "Download ZIP" button and install it using the IDE ("Sketch" -> "Include Library" -> "Add .ZIP Library...", OR:
  • Clone this git repository into your sketchbook/libraries folder. For more info, see

🔷 Note

🔶 How to find the sample program

  • T-Watch & LilyPi
  • In the Arduino board select TTGO T-Watch
  • In the Arduino File -> Examples -> TTGO_TWatch_Library

🔶 Precautions

  • T-Watch-2019 & LilyPi: Since uses a special IO as the SD interface, please remove the SD card when downloading the program.

🔷 Resources

🚩 Version comparison

Product T-Watch-2019 T-Watch-2020-V1 T-Watch-2020-V2 T-Watch-2020-V3 T-Block/T-Block-V1 LilyPi
PSRAM 16MBytes 16MBytes 16MBytes 16MBytes 16MBytes 16MBytes
Flash 8MBytes 8MBytes 4MBytes 8MBytes 8MBytes 8MBytes
PMU AXP202 AXP202 AXP202 AXP202 AXP202
IMU BMA423 BMA423 BMA423 BMA423 MPU6050
TFT 1.54"/240X240/ST7789V 1.54"/240X240/ST7789V 1.54"/240X240/ST7789V 1.54"/240X240/ST7789V [1] [1]
TouchScreen FT6336 FT6336 FT6336 FT6336 [1] [1]
Real Time Clock PCF8563 PCF8563 PCF8563 PCF8563 PCF8563 PCF8563
Infrared sensor
Microphone [1] SPM1423HM4H [1]
GPS [1] Quectel L76K [1]
Decoder [1] MAX98357A MAX98357A [1]
Tactile [1] (IO Control) DRV2605(I2C Control) (IO Control) [1]
Button [2] [2] [2] [2]
  • [1]:Need expansion board to support
  • [2]:The buttons are AXP202 PEK programmable buttons

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