Streamlines telling off your coworkers for their lousy code
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What is SublimeScold? It's this:

Show HN - vim-WTF A vim plugin that sends a shaming email to the developer responsible for the highlighted line of code

but for Sublime Text. Works with Git as version control.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Notice a piece of code that misses your expectations.
  2. Select it, right-click and choose Scold.
  3. Adjust the e-mail as you see fit.
  4. Send it.
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

Alternate scenarios

Both subject and e-mail body templates can be modified in plugin settings:

  • see Preferences > Package Settings > Scold > Settings - Default for available options
  • modify them in Preferences > Package Settings > Scold > Settings - User

Will not maybe fix

  • Support other version control systems
  • Report errors betters
  • Detect when you try to shame yourself (and you will, trust me)