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Time-based statistics for Git/Hg repos
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Ever wondered how much time have you spent on a project?...

coded4 ('coded for ...') calculates approximate time that one has spent coding particular project. It uses commit timestamps to reconstruct coding sessions for every commiter in given Git or Hg repository.


A standard is provided:

$ git clone git://
$ cd coded4
$ ./ develop

Use develop instead of install so you can easily git pull any updates.

Usage simple:

$ coded4 <directory-with-repo>

For example, if you have just installed coded4 and are still inside its directory, type:

$ coded4 .

This should print something like that:

name             commits time    
Karol Kuczmarski 21      02:16:19

As you can see, coded4 didn't take all that long to make ;)

For more options:

$ coded4 --help

This small project is licensed under MIT.

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