Managing dotfiles with Git and grace
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moredots (WIP)

Managing dotfiles with Git and grace


Initialize dotfile repository. By default, moredots will store them in ~/dotfiles directory:

mdots init
# mdots init ~/dotfiles --home ~/

Add some files using mdots add:

mdots add vimrc
mdots add .vimrc
mdots add ~/.vimrc

moredots will put the originals inside the dotfile repository, while the original file is replaced with a symbolic link:

$ ls -al | grep vimrc
lrwxrwxrwx  1 xion xion       26 Nov 18 02:44 .vimrc -> /home/xion/dotfiles/.vimrc

Once you added all files, synchronize them with remote Git repository, e.g. on GitHub:

mdots sync

This will pull, merge and push the files from/to designated repo. It will be remembered as origin so later you can simply do:

mdots sync

to synchronize any changes.

Eventually, you will want to put your dotfiles on new machine. For that, you can simply do:

mdots install
# mdots install ~/dotfiles --home ~/

supplying the URL to your dotfiles repository. This will put appropriate symlinks inside your home directory that point to files inside the dotfiles repository.