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A bot databasing information from APIs
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Xylene v0.0.1

Databasing information from APIs

Setup - Commands - Changelog


  • Games:
    • Osu!
    • Warframe
    • League of Legends
    • Destiny 2
    • Enter the Gungeon
  • Websites:
    • Reddit
    • Weather*
    • Github
    • Imgur
    • Twitter
    • Open Movie Database (OMDb)

*currently contains databasing capabilities



  • This bot is currently not meant for anyone to run, as it has specific requirements. The ones listed below are listed to the best of my ability, but they may not be completely complete.
  • I will be setting up a DigitalOcean instance of the bot soon, so as of now, the bot is still in experimental mode, and is unstable
  • If you want my bot on your server, it can be invited.
  • I am a Windows 10 user. If you submit an issue regarding Linux, I'll do my best to help you, but there are no gaurantees that I will be able to figure out the problem.
  • Cog files have categories in this order: Background tasks, Commands, and Events. Anything that doesn't go into these categories are placed before these and are not labeled.
  • Doc strings should always be formatted as such: short desc, Args, Raises, and Returns.


Install python

  • Python 3.7.3+ must be installed for this bot to run. Which ever one gives a version that is Python 3.7.3 or higher, replace py, which I use in the following commands, with the prefix (ex. python).
  • To check your current Python version, execute one of these commands in your favorite terminal:
Operating system Command
Windows python -V, py -V, or py -3 -V
Linux python3 -V

Install package requirements:

Operating system Command
Windows py -m pip install --user -r requirements.txt
Linux python3 -m pip install --user -r requirements.txt

Setting up configuration for supported cogs:

  • Create a new file called config.json within the directory of handlers/configuration.
  • Copy the contents of config.txt into config.json, then conduct the following:
Item Instructions Link
Discord New application > bot > add bot > copy token this token will be given to discord in the config. The bot's ID in General Information will be used later in the invite portion, so be sure to keep that in mind. Discord Developer Portal
Owners A list of integers that are linked to user IDs. These user IDs can be obtained by right-clicking on a user's profile, and going all the way down to Copy ID. If this does not appear, turn on Developer Mode, hidden in Settings > Appearence None
Reddit Give username and password your username and password. ID and secret are self-explanitory after setting up the personal-use script. Use for the redirect uri Reddit user preferences
Weather weather will be given the API key that you're emailed after signing up for one. WeatherBit dashbord
Osu! Give osu the API key that you'll recieve when registering for a token. Osu API Registration

Invite the bot:

Running the bot:

Operating system Command
Windows py
Linux python3

Commands rules:

  • Commands and arguments are always seperated by space
  • Output is usually a fancy embed message
  • Command prefix: "." or mention
  • Command prefix and command are not seperated by anything


Reddit - Weather - Miscellaneous


Command Argument(s) Output
r/search <query> Top 5 subreddits that contain this query
r/preview <subreddit> A sneak peak of a subreddit
r/hot <subreddit> See a singular post from what's hot in a subreddit
r/top <subreddit> See a singular post from the top of a subreddit

Example: .r/hot python


Command Argument(s) Output
weather zip <zip code> <country> A direct message with weather information

Example: weather zip 12345 US


Command Argument(s) Output
creator None The creator of the bot
icon None Gets the icon of the bot
from_timestamp Datetime integer timestamp Readable date format
time None Get the current time
members None Get a list of all members within the server
rstring Length (defaults to 14) A string of random letters and numbers
invite None Link to invite the bot to a server
ping_vc None Pings everyone in the current voice chat that you are in
user_icon Mention The icon of a user
emojis None Emojis 0-10


Command Argument(s) Output
tts A string When in a voice chat, the bot will use text to speech to speak through it's own mic
purge integer (max 100, default 10) Deletes the number of messages specified
exec "```py" followed by a python script, then another "```" on the last line The output of the python script in the terminal to the owner, and a message to say if the execution was successful to everyone else.
r None Reload all cog files
l Cog path seperated by "." Load the specific cog
u Cog path seperated by "." unload the specific cog
exit None Makes the bot go offline, unloading all cogs, disconnecting from all databases, and cancelling all background tasks.

Example: .l cogs.directives.simples



Main changes:

  • All other bots that I own have been either deleted completely from existance or parts have been removed from them and were put into this one.


  • Everything, literally.
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