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Graphing information from APIs
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Xythrion v2.0

Graphing information from APIs

Invite - Commands - Changelog


Template table:

Command Argument(s) Output
. . .


v1.1 (unreleased):


  • Some motivation to actually do this project.
  • API tracking such as how weather changes within an area, and how a certien Reddit post is doing over a couple days.
  • Added Added, Changed, and Removed items to the tags of versions.
  • Added the ability to graph math equations.


  • Rewrote the readme file to use - instead of *.


  • Building sourcing cogs. This will be moved to my other bot, Demoness.


  • Bot now uses asyncpg (asynchronous PortgreSQL) to access databases.
  • now subclasses comms.Bot, while Main_Cog gets comms.Cog.
  • The extensions and have been brought back from the dead.
  • Parser and shortcut functions have now been removed from the subclass of and moved to their own place in modules/.
  • The setup within this README has been given extra files for token generation.


  • Permission loading and service checks are now automated before bot is available for use.
  • First real stable version with no major flaws (I haven't found any within testing yet).
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