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Salesforce Development Experience (SFDX) Cheatsheet

What is SFDX?

SFDX official site

Why do we need a cheatsheet?

Just like using git, there are too many commands to remember. Human brains should be occupied to do more interesting stuff.

How to use this cheatsheet?

You are gonna wanna learn sfdx trailheads first, such as Get Started with SFDX, Set Up SFDX

Otherwise you might be lost on the parameters used in the cheatsheet. In fact, some of the parameters defaults the scratch org to be used, so know what you are doing is eseential.

Hint1. always use -h to get help if you are not sure what the command does, such as sfdx force:source:status -h

Hint2. Create shell alias to save typings... it is a personal taste thing thus not covered here.


The cheatsheet content has been moved to this gist for the convenience of updating: