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Releases: Xjph/EliteObservatory

v0.5.22.076 - Odyssey Update 11 Fix

17 Mar 21:40
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Small update to handle Odyssey Update 11 journal file name change.

Barycentres and Core

24 Oct 16:51
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Woah. Been a while.

This release adds two new features, the first is the addition of support for reading barycentre data, and finally having binary pairs able to trigger checks they were not previously able to (close orbit, shepherd moon, etc). The second is a hyperlink to the Observatory Core releases page to direct users to the new version. Since Core hasn't reached feature parity yet there is a setting to hide the link for those who wish to keep using this version.

This is very likely the final release Elite Observatory will see, barring some unprecedented change to Elite Dangerous that breaks it completely, or absolutely disastrous bug being discovered.

  • Process barycentre events and allow them to trigger checks
  • Add link to Observatory Core releases page
  • Fix crash on startup if unable to retrieve application icon
  • Remove erroneous space from custom criteria documentation for AtmosphereType

Massive Belt Bugfix

17 Jul 22:03
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Small bugfix release to address an issue with exceptionally massive asteroid belts.

Landable Atmospheres and Organic Scans

25 May 00:21
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Another minor release. This one removes the "?!" from the end of the description for the landable with atmosphere check, while still worth looking for it's no longer quite as extraordinary as it was previously. Also for those of you submitting codex data to the IGAU this has been updated to include ScanOrganic events from the handheld genetic sampler.

Small fix for ScanOrganic events while monitoring.

Minor Bugfixes

06 May 21:14
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This is a minor bugfix release, no new functionality has been added.

  • Fix some star types being identified as "unknown" in custom criteria descriptions.
  • Skip processing of journal lines which are not valid json instead of throwing error and halting processing
  • Added some leeway in the initial check for window being on-screen at startup. Being outside of desktop dimensions by small amounts (10px) will no longer reset and forget last position

Star Types!

14 Jan 12:21
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This is a tiny update to add StarType to the available values for custom criteria. It is used in the same manner as the PlanetClass value, where you look for a match to a specified type using the values as presented in the journal, e.g., StarType:H to find black holes.

Spreadsheet And CSV Export

02 Jun 00:12
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New feature that's probably one of the oldest outstanding requests, exporting the content of the main window to a file!

There are two ways to export, both accessible by right clicking the list, "export selected" and "export all". What they do is hopefully self-explanatory. You will also have two options for file types for the export, Office Open XML (.xlsx), and semicolon delimited text (.csv).

Why xlsx and not some other format like ods? Mostly on account of PicoXLSX being the smallest spreadsheet writing library I could find.

As ever, if there are any issues let me know.

Overlay Support and more

19 May 15:59
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Big thanks to @DeadMor0z for the headline feature of this release. Elite Observatory can now use EDMCOverlay to display notifications! They look pretty slick.

Observatory Notification Via Overlay

Also, while it wasn't in this release per sé, some new values are available for custom criteria (and have been since v0.5.20.067 in March), but are now documented. These values are ParentType, AtmosphereType, and AtmosphereComposition. See the custom criteria documentation for details.

Other fixes in this release:

v0.5.20.106 - cAPI Logging

15 Apr 20:17
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This is a minor release which adds optional logging to the companion API retrieval process to assist with troubleshooting.

To create a cAPI log hold shift while clicking the "Retrieve Logs" button.


10 Apr 17:44
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This is a relatively small release. Working from home for the past few weeks and losing the physical work/home separation has robbed me of a lot of my motivation to work on my own projects in my free time, so I apologise to anyone who was hoping for more in upcoming releases.

Nevertheless,I've got a couple of bugfixes and some new functionality added that I'd like to get out to people. All three of the new features were requests from users, so thanks for your suggestions, and keep them coming!

"Uncommon secondary stars" will alert you to the presence of any secondary star that is not main sequence, a brown dwarf, or T Tauri class. These are sometimes non-obvious, especially in systems without planetary bodies where you might not even bother to check your system map.

The auto-clear list option should be self-explanatory. It will clear the visible list of interesting objects any time a scan comes in for an object that doesn't match the system of the previous scan. Keeping your list clean and easier to consume at a glance while flying.

The final new functionality is a new right click option to mark uninteresting bodies as interesting so they stay in the list. Elite Observatory is obviously not the final arbiter of what's interesting. If you see something interesting that's not covered by any criteria you can now stop it from disappearing from the list on next scan, to help ensure that you don't forget it before leaving the system.
Note that this does not persist between sessions, and bodies you mark in this way will not reappear in subsequent results when reading all journals.

Other bugfixes below:

  • Added new built-in criteria for uncommon secondary stars
  • Add option to auto-clear list on system changes
  • Add ability to mark "uninteresting" bodies so they are not removed on next scan
  • Fix issue with gold system reporting being repeated
  • Periodically trim internal system dictionary to reduce resource usage and improve performance with large journal sets
  • Prevent visual flicker when list updates
  • Custom criteria sample file now has criteria commented by default
  • ">50% size of planet" sample criteria blocked

As with the previous release, you have the option of running the standalone/portable exe, or using the msi to do a "proper" installation.