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error_reporting(E_ALL | E_NOTICE);
// Require the important stuff
function is2_autoloader($class) {
$file = __DIR__ ."/lib/". str_replace('\\', '/',$class) .".php";
//printf("Autoloading: %s from %s<br>\n", $class, $file);
if (file_exists($file)) {
// Require the basic layout engine
// @TODO: Make a real one for viewing Stuff
require "html/html.php";
// Define if we are in CLI mode or not (for some scripts)
define("IS_CLI", (PHP_SAPI == "cli" ? true : false));
// Go ahead and just load everything here.
// Lazy code for lazy people.
function getIS2() {
$itadaki = new \IS2\ItadakiStreet2("data/is2.sfc", "data/tables/is2-smalltext.tbl", "data/tables/is2-bigtext.tbl");
return $itadaki;