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require "includes.php";
if (!IS_CLI) {
die("Sorry, this is CLI only.\n");
$itadaki = getIS2();
// This file, when run, will start decompressing from $ofs.
// It will then start again from the next point after,
// decompressing as it goes.
// It will stop if it his something that looks like junk
// or something that decompresses improperly.
// All of these offsets contain stuff, so you'll have to
// run each one one-by-one.
// Make sure to create a "decomp/" folder too.
// (This tool isn't really prime-time ready, you see.)
//$ofs = 0x1248DF;
//$ofs = 0x08b800;
//$ofs = 0x061440;
//$ofs = 0x0FFA00;
$ofs = 0x167970;
while (true) {
$filename = sprintf("decomp_%06X.bin", $ofs);
$decomp = $itadaki->getDecompressor($ofs);
printf("Decompressing data from \$%06x ...\n", $ofs);
printf(" Compressed data length: %6d bytes + 4 byte header\n", $decomp->getCompressedSize());
printf(" Decompressed data length: %6d bytes\n", $decomp->getDecompressedSize());
if ($decomp->getCompressedSize() == 0xFFFF || $decomp->getDecompressedSize() == 0xFFFF || $decomp->getCompressedSize() >= $decomp->getDecompressedSize()) {
die("...These sizes don't make any sense. Probably not compressed. Aborting.\n");
$data = $decomp->decompress();
file_put_contents("decomp/". $filename, $data);
print " Saved decompressed data as $filename\n";
$ofs += $decomp->getCompressedSize() + 4;