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php ping chart generator. useful for monitoring network weirdness i guess
PHP Shell
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ping chart

a sample image

this is a command-line tool to generate png charts of the ping times to a given host.

it runs in perpetuity and updates the graph every second for vaguely real-time monitoring.

it requires fping to be installed.


php ping.php <ip address> [filename]. graphs will be generated under pings/filename-2019-12-31.png. if filename isn't specified, it defaults to the ip address.

you can also run it with ./ <ip address> [filename], which will use nohup to fork it off into the background so you can do something else.


please only ping things you should, though at a rate of one per second it's not like you're going to ruin anything. probably.

pings/index.php is a page that will list some of the charts (if available). it's not particularly good since i made it in a rush, but if you zoom in it has css to make the images not turn into mud. small favors.



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