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A very simple calculator that tries to make graphing and matrix math as simple as adding or multiplying two numbers. Slide left and right to access more panels.

It's feature complete for now - It looks like it might even become CyanogenMod's default.


  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Really, if I broke this I'm sure you guys would find a way to give me negative stars.
  • Advanced functions like log, sin, cos and irrational numbers like pi and e.
  • Calculate complex numbers.
  • Graph X,Y Equations.
  • Matrix addition, multiplication, determinants, and eigen values.
  • Hexadecimal, Binary support
  • Displays history by pulling down from the top (long press to copy)
  • Hide the pages you don't need
  • Tablet and Smartphone supported
  • Completely open source!
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