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+# Calculator
+A very simple calculator that tries to make graphing and matrix math as simple as adding or multiplying two numbers. Slide left and right to access more panels.
+It's feature complete for now - It looks like it might even become CyanogenMod's default.
+* Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Really, if I broke this I'm sure you guys would find a way to give me negative stars.
+* Advanced functions like log, sin, cos and irrational numbers like pi and e.
+* Calculate complex numbers.
+* Graph X,Y Equations.
+* Matrix addition, multiplication, determinants, and eigen values.
+* Hexadecimal, Binary support
+* Displays history by pulling down from the top (long press to copy)
+* Hide the pages you don't need
+* Tablet and Smartphone supported
+* Completely open source!
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