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A calculator that tries to include graphing and matrix math without losing its simplicity. Slide left and right to access more panels.


  • Basic arithmetic (+, -, *, /)
  • Trigonometry (sin, cos, tan, arcsin, arccos, arctan)
  • Complex numbers (5+7i)
  • Graphs X,Y functions (Y=X^2)
  • Basic matrix math (+, *)
  • Hexadecimal and Binary support (1A+E)
  • Animated history (Long press to copy)
  • Hide pages you don't need
  • Tablet and Smartphone supported
  • Completely open source!

Jar files:

achartengine.jar - A modified version of achartengine ( that can be found here ( achartengine is used for graphing

arity-2.1.6.jar - Arity ( Arity is used to solve math given as a string

ejml-0.21.jar - Efficient Java Matrix Library ( Used to resolve matrix math

slider.jar - Slider ( Slider is an animated view developed by me. It's used for the history pull down.

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