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A thin (not yet ergonomic) Java Wrapper for Raylib.

Release Notes:


Important bugfix: the DLL wasn't being copied correctly from the package to a temporary directory. There were bytes left in the buffer at the tail end which caused crashes. Also make an effort to clean up the temporary files after the application quits.


Raylib-Java is not yet production ready or battle hardened. The current release, 2018.10, most closely matches a 0.0.1-alpha build. It is available here only as proof that things are moving forward.


If you don't much care for warnings and scoff at the idea of heeding common sense, you can download the initial 0.0.1 release here for Windows64 machines.


Raylib-Java is not yet hosted in Maven Central, but you can use it in your project like so:

  1. Inside your project folder at the top level (next to src), create a folder named 'libs'.
  2. Download raylib-java-xxxx.xx.jar and place it in this folder.
  3. Update your build.gradle file to include the following:
repositories {
	flatDir {
		dirs 'libs'

dependencies {
   compile name: 'raylib-xxxx.xx-platform' // Note that this does not end in .jar!


  • Convert RaylibConstants from method calls to Java types. (Performance)
  • Make sure NATIVE_INT_SIZE is automatically generated. (Build)
  • Make sure that build process is reproducible and doesn't obliterate work on headers. (Build)
  • AWT robot testing. (Build)
  • Automatically load for all native platforms. (Usability)
  • Javadoc/Inline doc for IDE completion. (Usability)
  • Helper methods on vectors like sum/product. (Usability)
  • Extra methods on Material to get/set specific map types. (Usability)
  • Update LoadFontEx so that String is properly converted to an int array of Unicode points. (Usability)
  • A method that will first search for files on-drive, then check JAR resources. (Usability)

License and Legal Nonsense:

Raylib is Copyright (c) 2013-2018 Ramon Santamaria (@raysan5).

The Raylib-Java is Copyright (c) 2018 Xoana LTD.

Raylib-Java is offered under the MIT License.