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Browser Detection

A light-weight shim around Mobile_detect for XenForo 2

Usage (in templates)

The add-on injects the global variable $xf.mobileDetect, check that the variable is set before calling any methods to prevent errors during upgrades or if the add-on is disabled.

<xf:if is="$xf.mobileDetect && $xf.mobileDetect.isMobile()">
    Is Mobile
<xf:else />
    Not Mobile
<xf:if is="$xf.mobileDetect && $'Firefox')">
    Is Firefox
<xf:else />
    Not Firefox
<xf:if is="$xf.mobileDetect && $'Chrome')">
    Is Chrome
<xf:else />
    Not Chrome

Usage (in php)

$mobileDetect = \SV\BrowserDetection\Listener::getMobileDetection();
$isMobile = $mobileDetect && $mobileDetect->isMobile() ? "_m1" : "_m0";

XF2.1 Page caching

The integration mobile detection with XF2.1+ full-page caching, add to the config.php this;

$config['pageCache']['onSetup'] = function (\XF\PageCache $pageCache) {
    $pageCache->setCacheIdGenerator(function(\XF\Http\Request $request) {
        return \SV\BrowserDetection\CacheHelper::getPageCacheId($request);


Add-on licence file: Mobile-Detect licence file:

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