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XOOPS 2.5.x Modules


  1. Forked from txmodxoops/tdmcreate

    XOOPS module to generate new modules

    PHP 9 6

  2. publisher Public

    Publishing module for XOOPS for static/HTML content and articles stored and provided in a hierarchical manner

    PHP 6 23

  3. newbb Public

    Forum module for XOOPS

    PHP 7 19

  4. xlanguage Public

    xLanguage handles displaying contents in different languages, like English, French and Chinese. If you want to switch between languages, this module is for you.

    PHP 3 5

  5. extcal Public

    extCal is an event/calendar module developed exclusively for XOOPS.

    PHP 2 10

  6. suico Public

    Social Network module

    PHP 3 3


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