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Generates QR Codes from text strings and byte arrays.
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QRCodeGenLib4Pascal License

QRCodeGenLib4Pascal is a Delphi/FPC Port of Fast-QR-Code-generator written by Nayuki. It provides an easy to use interface for generating QR Codes.

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Core features:

  • Supports encoding all 40 versions (sizes) and all 4 error correction levels, as per the QR Code Model 2 standard
  • Output formats: Raw modules/pixels of the QR symbol, SVG XML string/file, ImageObject(bmp (jpg and png) for VCL and LCL only).
  • Encodes numeric and special-alphanumeric text in less space than general text
  • Ability to change the backgound and foreground colors of the generated QRCode.
  • Open source code under the permissive MIT License

Manual parameters:

  • User can specify minimum and maximum version numbers allowed, then library will automatically choose smallest version in the range that fits the data
  • User can specify mask pattern manually, otherwise library will automatically evaluate all 8 masks and select the optimal one
  • User can specify absolute error correction level, or allow the library to boost it if it doesn't increase the version number
  • User can create a list of data segments manually and add ECI segments

Supported Compilers

FreePascal 3.0.0 and Above.

Delphi XE3 and Above.

Supported Visual Frameworks

LCL Framework (Lazarus)

VCL Framework (Delphi)

FMX (Support is currently experimental, to use, enable the define "{.$DEFINE Framework_FMX}" in "").

Installing the Library.

Method One:

Use the Provided Packages in the "Packages" Folder.

Method Two:

Add the Library Path and Sub Path to your Project Search Path.


Check out the QRCodeGenLib.Demo folder.


This "Software" is Licensed Under MIT License (MIT) .

Tip Jar

  • 💵 Bitcoin: 1MhFfW7tDuEHQSgie65uJcAfJgCNchGeKf
  • 💶 Ethereum: 0x6c1DC21aeC49A822A4f1E3bf07c623C2C1978a98
  • 💷 Pascalcoin: 345367-40
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