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@XorTroll XorTroll released this Feb 9, 2021


I know, I know, it's been a while...


  • Simplified directory deleting logic for both Goldleaf and Quark, making everything less slower (thanks @pheki)


  • Introducing savedata browsing! select a game from the game manager menu, and mount it's savedata. Note that, if you forget to unmount them manually, they will be automatically unmounted when Goldleaf is exited

  • Support for firmware installing, via Atmosphere's ams:su service extension!

  • Now fatal crashes are avoided, and Goldleaf will just display an error message via the console's error applet, and save its own report with information about the crash/error.

  • Simplified and cleaned a lot of internal code, hopefully making everything more stable

  • Updated libnx and Plutonium - this implies support for previously unsupported special text (Japanese and Chinese characters, etc.) with last Plutonium

  • Removed emuiibo manager - emuiibo's overlay is now the optimal and recommended manager for emuiibo

  • Amiibo dumping support was updated to match emuiibo's format

  • Non-lowercase file extensions (.TXT, .biN, .Nsp, etc.) are now properly supported

  • Fixed resetting a title's launch version, which wasn't properly implemented on previous releases

  • Now dumped firmware will be compatible with Atmosphere's Daybreak firmware tool, deprecating Choi support (as Daybreak is a better and safer alternative)

  • Removed support for dumping firmware as NSP packages, as no relevent firmware tool makes use of that format

  • Reboot-to-payload functionality (which can be used with .bin files) has been internally improved with Atmosphere's bpc:ams extensions

  • 🌈 Random color schemes/pallets are used by default now, instead of default light/dark blue schemes

  • Fixed a small bug where no personalized tickets would be detected if no common tickets were present in the console

  • Introducing USB drive support, thanks to me and DarkMatterCore's new project: libusbhsfs, a library to include USB drive support in your homebrew projects!

    • Both FAT (including exFAT) and NTFS filesystems are supported ;)
  • Other minor code improvements or small bug fixes


  • Several improvements related to various small errors

  • From now on, two different builds will be compiled/released: one for Java 8 and one for Java 9 or higher, in order to avoid version issues

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@XorTroll XorTroll released this Dec 30, 2019



  • Updated to latest libnx. This simplifies the code, and fixes potential issues? old libnx could have had.

  • Some parts of the code were rewritten or simplified, in order to try to improve Goldleaf's performance. A lot of nonsense or unused code was removed, and much stuff was simplified thanks to latest libnx changes.

  • Removed forwarder support. There are less ban-baity ways to launch homebrew as applications (via uLaunch or using Atmosphere's title override)


  • Fixed a bug where deleting the currently selected user would leave Goldleaf in a buggy state (because it would still think that the user is valid)

  • Now amiibo dumping is done via "debug" amiibo/NFP services. Since emuiibo intercepts user (and soon system) services, using debug services means Goldleaf will be able to dump real amiibos even if emuiibo is activated.

  • Custom exception/crash handling: now, when a crash happens (usually segmentation faults), it won't cause a fatal error, Goldleaf will instead save a simple crash report to /reports and exit normally. Same thing for fatal crashes, which also log fatal reports there.

  • Now rebooting will reboot to RCM/payload, same way as if you rebooted from HOME menu's power menu.

  • The web browser system was improved, adding now a custom menu, and the possibility to save a page as a bookmark after having browsed it.

  • Added an integrated emuiibo v0.4.0 manager! This simplifies a lot using virtual amiibos:

    • Unlike other managers, Goldleaf checks the amiibo and attempts to get its picture from AmiiboAPI, otherwise displays a default icon.

    • You can change emuiibo's status (on, on for one use and off) and select a certain amiibo to use.

Quark / USB

  • Quark's target version was changed to Java 9 or higher, since trying to support Java 8 too made it complicated to get it working.

  • USB system was changed, and it won't work with previous versions (latest Goldtree for instance, which supported up to 0.7.3)

  • Fixed file/directory copying between different filesystems (SD and PC in this case), so it should work fine now :)

  • Now Goldleaf takes advantage of string descriptors on its USB communications:

    • Goldleaf's USB will have "Goldleaf" as the product string, so Quark can identify if the homebrew detected is actually Goldleaf. This particular change kills compatibility with any previous versions.

    • Goldleaf also sets it's version as the serial number descriptor, so Quark can use it. Development builds have "-dev" after the version ("0.8.0-dev", for instance), which will make Quark warn about its possible unstability.

  • Quark now displays the time anything was logged in the log box. That way, one can easily identify if USB connection is still working, for instance, with installs or long file copying.

Thank you for a wonderful year with this project :)

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@XorTroll XorTroll released this Oct 2, 2019


  • General

    • Now the console's supported key generation is read from BOOT0 (it was hardcoded manually before) - this means that Goldleaf won't have to be updated in new console updates to fix key mismatch errors! Thus, 9.0.1 support was also fixed.
  • Updates

    • Goldleaf's updater is broken on 0.7.2 (and probably lower versions). PLEASE, DON'T USE IT TO UPDATE TO 0.7.3!. Luckily, it is fixed for this version, so next versions (0.7.x, 0.8...) should download fine when they get released soon.

    • Pending update detection was barely broken, but has been fixed too. As mentioned in previous releases, you can export it to install it safely with ChoiDujourNX, and delete it from system after that.

Quark hasn't changed - it is still 0.2. This is just a copy of 0.7.2 release's JAR!

Have fun with Goldleaf and Quark, as always!

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@XorTroll XorTroll released this Sep 19, 2019


  • Installs

    • Fixes a (stupid) bug were ticket installs would fail, thus contents would be unlaunchable with "checking if the content can be played" nags.
  • Quark

    • Small class fix for Quark, making it work sometimes on Linux (just that now it doesn't instantly crash)

Have fun with your favourite homebrew tool!

Notes: the forwarder wasn't changed, and almost nothing of both Goldleaf and Quark actually changed.

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@XorTroll XorTroll released this Sep 17, 2019

Thank you a lot for 1.1k stars! Love you all :)


  • 9.0.0 support was added.

  • Introducing a new, properly made PC client: Quark! (since Goldtree was made as quick as possible, I've wanted to remake it from scratch since 0.1...)

    • Quark is going to be Goldtree's new replacement.

    • It's Java and cross-platform, supporting Windows, Linux and Mac.

    • It has a fancy, Material-style UI, which you can interact with while USB is handled in the background.

    • Note that it's still experimental! You will need JRE/JDK 8u60 or higher to use it.

  • Console information layout has been remade into a new layout, introducing some new cool and QoL features:

    • A new menu allows to view the current console update's version, plus an option to export it!

    • In case the console has a pending update downloaded (when the system auto-downloads an update) it can also be exported or removed, so that booting into Maintenance menu isn't neccessary to do so.

    • Updates can be exported in directory (to be later installed with Choi) or in NSP form.

  • Title exporting

    • NSP generating code was rewritten from scratch, what might involve performance improvements.

    • Exported contents' directory was moved to /dump/title since update are exported to /dump/update.

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@XorTroll XorTroll released this Sep 4, 2019


  • Remote PC

    • Unicode is now supported. No more complaints with special characters in drive labels or folders!

    • Read size was dropped again to 8MB (from previous 16MB), to make USB more stable (16MB size might cause unstability)

    • Added option to select a file directly on the remote PC tool (basically same system as on <=0.5 Goldleaf versions, for those who like the classic system!)

    • Goldtree's messages were slightly changed to be more accurate. Now it shows its version to avoid confusion between different executables.

  • NSP installs

    • The NSP's name is shown above (instead of the directory).

    • ETA (estimated time for the install to finish) is now shown too.

    • Now Goldleaf always obtains the NSP's key generation (previously only when it had a ticket) and compares it to a computed system one, in order to block installs with higher key generations (mostly since the contents couldn't be decryptable, thus utterly useless)

    • Now install location is just chosen once, at the start of batch NSP installs (all NSPs within a directory)

    • Multi-content installations (just a few titles currently) work now (didn't seem to work on 0.6.x)

  • Title dump / export

    • Titles are always dumped inside concatenation files (HOS's archive bit directories, used to support +4GB files), what means +4GB titles can safely be dumped on FAT32, and directly installed.

    • Fixed errors dumping updates and DLCs. They should work fine now.

  • General

    • A big part of the code was reformatted: several small bugs fixed, others not that small mentioned below.

    • Added a warning and success / failure messages for directory deleting.

    • Goldleaf no longer relies on its custom libnx fork, since its only worthy difference was its (slightly) custom USB code, which has been merged in Goldleaf. This doesn't involve any performance changes, but less complexity in order to build the project.

    • Copying files from PC to SD which are over 4GB is now correctly handled, creating a concatenation file (see above) to correctly handle it.

    • The forwarder was updated with hbloader's latest version, thus now the forwarder's version is 0.2.

  • User / accounts

    • Users have a more important role in Goldleaf. Now an account has to be selected in order to use several user-related features.

    • Added support for unlinking (locally ONLY) accounts, mainly for banned people who want to unlink their accounts in order to delete them.

  • Content manager

    • Fixed a bug where the base title's size would be shown always, even when checking only updates or DLC.

    • Added play statistics support, both for user-only (user must be selected first, see above) and global, this includes last played time and total play time for both.

    • Fixed bugs where contents whose base title is on a different location than updates/DLCs would be shown incorrecly.

  • UI

    • Unicode changes stated above

    • The system's shared font is no longer used, due to its lack of unicode characters. Instead, a new font is used from now on: Roboto (medium), aka Android's standard font.

    • Two new clickable icons have been added to the bottom right side of Goldleaf's top banner: one for user selection, while the other one for help and control information.

    • Some small corrections made: size adjustments, with no connection no IP or default text will be shown from now on.

    • Plutonium corrections with newlines and text sizes make dialog sizes more well measured now (previously, a single newline would make the dialog as wide as the entire screen)

    • Several icon changes (forwarder's icon and amiibo dump), thanks to C4Phoenix for all his help with graphic resources since 0.1!

    • Goldleaf now has been compiled with an experimental Plutonium branch which uses smart pointers instead of raw pointers aiming no memory leaks!

    • Now, Goldleaf also supports dutch language! Thanks a lot to Mega for helping with the translation!

Known bugs

  • Browsing (fast?) over certain (empty?) folders can sometimes have weird behavior, resulting into crashes.
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@XorTroll XorTroll released this Aug 6, 2019


Fixed bugs present in 0.6:

  • +4GB files are correctly handled now by the USB (remote PC) system

  • Now Italian language works fine (strings were missing, what made Goldleaf insta-crash)

  • Installing a NSP to console memory would later open the file for hex viewing (now fixed and nothing else is done after install)

New features:

  • Install sizes (MB/s) are now accurately reported, with decimal values

  • Web browser can only be used launched from the forwarder (previously any application would work)

The forwarder was not updated. Goldtree received few string changes and more changes in order to fix +4GB file issues.

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@XorTroll XorTroll released this Aug 2, 2019


(My god, it's been 4 months!)

  • NSP installs:

    • As Goldleaf's internal filesystem handling has been completely remade, installs have been internally remade. This apparently results in slightly faster installs, at least in my case.

    • Now the user won't be asked to ignore required firmware version or not, as that can be configured on the config.

    • Sleep-mode is disabled now in order to avoid to interrupt installs.

    • Now all the NSPs inside a directory can be installed in a row (see below).

  • USB installs:

    • USB installs have been improved into a new feature: remote PC browser!

    • Now you can directly browse your PC, plus any drives connected to it, as a regular filesystem, same as SD card or console memory.

    • It is also worth to mention that the new USB command system seems to be way, WAY more stable than any previous USB system in Goldleaf!

    • Anyway, always keep in mind that it might freeze or cause bugs with folders with tons of files.

  • File systems:

    • Presenting the new, remade USB system: remote PC browsing!

      • Instead of a simple connection, it's a whole filesystem implementation over USB.

      • Browse your PC (Windows-only with Goldtree) directly from Goldleaf! Any extra drive inserted browsable by the PC will be browsable here.

      • Since USB drives' support (fsp-usb service in Atmosphere) is still being worked on, you can use this system with drives inserted in your PC in order to browse or install files from there.

    • Two simple, QoL features have been added to filesystems (to directories in this case): the option to install all NSPs within the directory, and the option to set the archive bit on it.

  • UI

    • For now on, Goldleaf main color will continue to be golden, but the "secondary" color along with gold is going to be blue.

    • Therefore, both the icon and the main themes have been changed.

  • Goldleaf auto-updating:

    • Now Goldleaf supports updating itself, since https was supported on dkP. (this means direct access to GitHub for version checking and asset downloading)

    • Nevertheless, now Goldleaf's NSP is a forwarder, what means that just by updating the NRO you will target Goldleaf from HOME menu as always.

    • You can even upgrade the installed version if you want to!

    • As you may suppose, this requires internet connection :)

  • Amiibo dumping support

    • A new option has been added to the main menu, which adds support to dump real amiibos to be used with emuiibo.

    • Obviously, emuiibo 0.3 format is used. Please ensure you're also using the latest emuiibo version!

I know, it's been a while! Go grab it while it's hot!

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@XorTroll XorTroll released this Mar 27, 2019

Changelog (big one!)

  • Huge UI refactor:

    • Dialogs have been refactored, now they aren't full-screen, and are roundy and well designed :)
    • Several graphics have changed (main logo)
    • Touch support, mainly noticeable in dialogs and menus. (scrolling still not supported)
    • On file browsers (SD / console memory), the element size has been changed from 100 to 50, doubling the element count being showed, and improving browsing in very populated directories.
    • As Plutonium changed on 0.2.1, now moving up on the top element in a menu will move to the latest one, and down on the latest one to the top one.
  • USB is in a better state now:

    • Installations are no longer handled by two different threads, which makes them more stable.
    • USB system has been changed on the libnx fork, hence some things are easy to handle now, like connection issues or callbacks while USB reading.
    • Don't worry, multi-installation USB is planned for 0.6 or sooner versions :)
  • New and rebuilt content manager:

    • Titles are sorted by all their subcontents (in case they have updates or DLC)
    • Any kind of content can be deleted individually
    • System titles are also supported, but deleting them is not allowed by default.
  • New config file! Goldleaf.ini:

    • Support to replace UI colors and assets.
    • Support to enforce a custom language
    • Via RomFs replacing icons, texts, even translations can be replaced!
  • File browsers:

    • Files and directories are sorted properly now.
  • NSP installs:

    • 7.x installs are supported by doing a temporary copy of CNMT and control NCAs to NAND SYSTEM (which gets deleted right after the install, don't worry)
    • Install dialog might take a few seconds to show up as the change mentioned above. Just a small delay, nothing dangerous.
    • Bad installs will (attempt) to remove half-installed contents to avoid corrupted installs.
    • If the title is already installed, Goldleaf will uninstall it so that the new one can be installed. This might happen with updates (share the same application Id so are considered as the same title internally)
  • USB installs:

    • Sizes were fixed, transferring methods were revised... now USB installs are more stable than ever :) (after those tons of bugs with 0.4)
    • Goldtree also had small changes related to USB commands, so other PC clients should get updated too. Not a big change, but a really relevant one.
  • Error handling:

    • Not a very big addition, but now caught errors are displayed on a FBI-ish style (dialog showing error type, description..., not just the error code on the footer)
  • NXTheme installs:

    • Now Goldleaf doesn't handle these installs itself, instead it uses NxThemes installer, which should be installed in order to install themes. This fixes compatibility with new changes.
  • User accounts:

    • Now icons are checked whether they are valid 256x256 JPEG icons before using them for account icons.
    • On previous versions the only user (in case there was just one) could be deleted. Now that has been corrected.
  • Removed features!?

    • NCA file support (extractions) was removed as a new system to dynamically mount and access NCAs is being worked on for next versions :)
    • CFW support as it resulted in a pointless menu, which just was useful to see whether qlaunch was replaced in the selected CFW.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

And, as always, have fun with this multitool!

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@XorTroll XorTroll released this Feb 8, 2019


  • Atmosphère v0.8.3's new feature, payload rebooting from the console itself, is also supported by Goldleaf! Binary *.bin files will have an option to be launched as payloads if Atmosphère is detected running.

  • The old title manager has been refactored. Now, it can show ANY kind of content located in any partition, from system data archives to DLCs and updates, and regular titles. All of them can be removed individually.

  • Goldleaf has the ability to detect the CFW currently running, which gets displayed on the CFW menu.

  • Now the web browser is accessible even if Goldleaf isn't an installed title. It will use the WifiLogin web-applet, which has some limitations, but at least it's something.

  • Content mounting (like NAND when being browsed or the NSPs when being installed) has been refactored to minimize any filesystem issues.

  • Some icons were changed: NROs have a new icon, NCAs have now the old NROs icon...

  • NSP exporting now warns with titles which are 4GB or higher, for risk preventing.

  • USB has been quite improved with experimental threads' syncing, which seems to make it more stable.

  • Regular installs check for free size now.

  • Tickets show if they're used or not, so unused ones should be safe to remove.

  • Both USB and regular installations abort if the title is already installed.

  • Minor fixes and corrections on texts and several options.

(just saying, now the installable version has also those support information docs you can access from HOME menu)

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