@XorTroll XorTroll released this Jan 20, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

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  • Now it's checked that the base folders inside "sd:/goldleaf" are created before entering certain menus.

  • File browsers won't refresh the current directory's contents after copying a file as it was pointless and caused delay.

  • This version of Goldleaf supports libnx v2.0.0, which fixed a few bugs with USB, and also added native keyboard support.

  • Now files and directories can be renamed in file browsers using the native keyboard.

  • Now new files or directories can be created (files will be empty) by pressing L (for files) or R (for directories) in a file browser.

  • Now the star feature, NSP dumping! This is quite experimental though, and could be unstable. Be careful using it!

  • Another console memory partition can be browsed appart from the three others: PRODINFOF

  • Brief information about the different partitions is displayed when selecting the console memory browser.

  • The path of the key file has been moved from "sd:/goldleaf/" to "sd:/switch/" as other homebrews use this path.

  • After removing tickets no dialog will be shown, the footer will inform of the process instead.

  • The top part of Goldleaf has been redesigned, which has a mini-text for the current menu. (e.g. current directory in SD card or console memory browsers)

  • A warning dialog is displayed selecting USB installation as it's quite unstable for the moment.

  • Fixed small bugs with SD card NSP installation.

  • Now file/directory copying has a progress bar to follow the copy process, instead of freezing the UI.

  • WEB BROWSER! Yeah, you've read right, Goldleaf is the first homebrew tool to provide support for the console's internal browser.

  • Account manager! You can replace user's icon, delete them or rename them. Anyway, replacing the icon can be dangerous and banbait!

  • Now no cert files are required to install a ticket, not even with NSP installs or USB installs. Goldleaf contains the public cert directly.

  • Minor fixes on several dialogs and texts.


@XorTroll XorTroll released this Dec 31, 2018 · 42 commits to master since this release

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  • Supposedly, now those random crashes browsing menus or filesystems are fixed now.

  • When looking for the key file for NCAs or themes, now more names are sopported (not just keys.dat): keys.dat, prod.keys, keys.txt or keys.ini.

  • Fixed bug which would not install the selected theme if qlaunch was not extracted, and it would just extract it without processing the theme.

  • Now title 0100000000001013 is installed to qlaunch directory, previously user page themes wouldn't work for this issue.

Goldtree doesn't have any changes, only version number.

Happy New Year!


@XorTroll XorTroll released this Dec 30, 2018 · 45 commits to master since this release

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This is the first release of Goldleaf.
You have all the information at the README for a detailed description of the entire project.