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ModuleMania sysmodule - xor:play

Important! Before using the sysmodule!

  • The memory of sysmodules is limited, so bigger audios may fail. There's no clear limit, just that some work and some don't.
  • Like I said above, sysmodules have limited memory, so it may fail when used along with other sysmodules.

How do I use this sysmodule?

  • Save the kip and add it to your own CFW. I guess you'll already know how to add kips to the CFW you use.
  • Create a file on the root of the SD card named Add there the Title IDs and the audio files to play when that title is opened.
  • Here's an example with BotW and Home Menu:
    "0100000000001000" : "sdmc:/myaudios/play.wav",
    "01007EF00011E000" : "sdmc:/aud.mp3"
  • This way, when there's nothing opened and you're in Home Menu play.wav file would be played, and while BotW is opened aud.mp3 would be played (even if you're on Home Menu and the app is minimized)
  • This should work with any game, but the only system title working is the Home Menu.
  • If there's an audio set to a title id equal or lower than 0100000000001000 (Home Menu's one) the audio set to that ID will play any time there's no game opened.
  • Looks like opening hbmenu stops the audio playback, but when returning to Home Menu it should start again.
  • Any problems you have, ask them on my Discord server (Nintendo H&H server), or ask them on the release GBAtemp thread of ModuleMania.
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