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@XorTroll XorTroll released this May 9, 2019


  • Amiibo progress saving support

    • Games like SSBU allow saving their progress on amiibos. Now this is supported by redirecting savedata to files inside amiibo's "areas" directory.

    • This, in fact, provides another advantage, as real amiibos just allow savedata for one title, while this system allows to have multiple saves.

  • Amiibo system changed

    • First of all, don't worry. All amiibo BIN files found in emuiibo dir will be auto-converted to the new system.

    • The new system has every amiibo in a different directory, which contains the amiibo ("amiibo.bin"), a JSON metadata file ("amiibo.json"), an "areas" directory (see above) and a mii char-info copy ("mii.dat").

    • On this system everything can be customized. In order to change miis you would need the char-info data, which is stored inside the console. To help with this, emuiibo will dump all console miis inside "miis" directory in emuiibo dir, named with the index + mii name (example: "0-XorTroll.dat"). To use it, copy to the amiibo dir and name it as "mii.dat".

    • An interesting option can be added to the JSON ("randomizeUuid" boolean), which makes emuiibo randomize the amiibo UUID. Having this means special circumstances in certain games, like being recognized as a different amiibo each time in BotW, hence infinite supply.

    • IMPORTANT! After using 0.2, since the old system gets changed to the new one, 0.1 won't find any amiibos as they're not on the root dir now. Thus, avoid using 0.1 after using 0.2.

  • HOME button LED blink (7.x+, sadly)

    • On firmwares on 7.x or higher, performing a combo makes the HOME button blink, which is a simple and nice system to signal that a combo has been performed. Not supported on previous versions for technical limitations.
  • nfp:emu service changed, with new commands

Also, a remainder that the next Goldleaf version (0.6) is going to have emuiibo support, featuring real amiibo dumping to emuiibo-style and more!

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@XorTroll XorTroll released this Apr 17, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release

This is the first release of emuiibo, still a beta.
Check the README for more details.

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