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uLaunch allows to add custom entries to the main menu. In fact, this is how homebrew is added to the main menu.


Entries consist on individual JSON files inside sd:/ulaunch/entries, where the name doesn't matter.

However, for entries manually created by uLaunch, these are named by the game's application ID (example: 0100000000010000.json for Super Mario Odyssey), or the NRO's path's SHA256 hash's first half for homebrew NROs (32 alphanumeric characters, like NCAs)

JSON format:

(!) Means that the key needs to be present for the entry to be recognized as a valid one.

  • (!) type: Entry type (1 is for titles, 2 is for homebrew). Title-based entries should be just used for titles inside a specific folder or for custom icons.

  • folder: Folder this entry is in, if not present or empty, this assumes menu root.

Application specific (type 1)

  • (!) application_id: Title's application ID.

Homebrew specific (type 2)

  • (!) nro_path: Path (must start by sdmc:/) to the NRO in the SD (example: sdmc:/switch/Goldleaf/Goldleaf.nro)

  • nro_argv: Optional args to be sent to the NRO when being launched (example: if argv is set to be sample, uLaunch will launch the NRO like <nro-file> sample). Note: if the argument has spaces (a spaced path), remember to add extra quotes ("nro_argv": "\"sdmc:/spaced file.txt\"")

Custom names and icons

  • icon: Custom icon for the entry. Format can be JPG or PNG, but size must be 256x256 (it will be resized when rendered by uLaunch)

  • name: Name text

  • author: Author text

  • version: Version text

Note: Those 3 customizable texts can be used for other purposes, not specially for name, author... ;)


Homebrew inside "Stuff" folder

    "type": 2,
    "nro_path": "sdmc:/switch/Goldleaf/Goldleaf.nro",
    "folder": "Stuff"

RetroArch ROM forwarder (Super Mario Land 2 GB ROM and Gambattle core)

    "type": 2,
    "nro_path": "sdmc:/retroarch/cores/gambattle_libretro_libnx.nro",
    "nro_argv": "\"sdmc:/roms/gb/SUPER MARIO LAND\"",

    "name": "SUPER MARIO LAND 2",
    "author": "Nintendo",
    "version": "Game Boy",
    "icon": "sdmc:/icons/gb/SUPER MARIO LAND 2.png"

Title (Super Mario Odyssey) inside "Games" folder

    "type": 1,
    "application_id": "0100000000010000",
    "folder": "Games"


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