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Implemented stuff

This is the list of implemented original HOME menu's functionality:

  • Title launching, suspending, closing

  • Applet launching and closing

  • User menu (using myPage applet)

  • Controller managing (using controller applet)

  • Settings (some of them aren't implemented yet):

    • Console nickname

    • WiFi connection name, and WiFi settings (using netConnect applet)

    • Console language

    • Bluetooth

    • NFC

    • Auto title downloading

    • Auto console updating

  • General channel and special applet messages (some of them aren't implemented yet):

    • HOME button pressing detection

    • Power off, sleep, reboot

    • Removing SD card (insta-powering off)

Unimplemented stuff

Planned to be implemented

  • Auto-sleep after a certain amount of time

  • Some other settings

  • Some general channel and applet messages

  • More connection-related settings (airplane mode)

Not planned to be implemented (not worth it)

  • eShop functionality

  • Parental control (we already have our password system)

  • Console or title updating (at least for now)

Extended/custom stuff

  • User login system (login once, use that user for everything)

  • Passwords for user login

  • Folders

  • Extended themeing

  • BGM (and custom sound effects)

  • Simple homebrew menu, homebrew in main menu, homebrew applet/application launching

  • Custom HOME menu entry system, being able to launch homebrew with custom args

  • Web browsing straight from the menu

  • Screen capturing from a PC, via USB and QForegroundViewer tool


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