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  1. Download the latest release ZIP.

  2. Locate your CFW's "main" directory (atmosphere for Atmosphere, for instance). As a clue, it should contain a titles folder inside!

  3. Copy the titles folder inside the ZIP and paste its contents on your CFW's titles dir.

    • If you have never used uLaunch or any kind of HOME menu replacement (NXThemes don't count) you wouldn't need to overwrite any files.

    • You don0't need to remove your normal HOME menu themes (NXThemes) in order to install uLaunch. Those themes are at a romfs dir inside titles/0100000000001000, while uLaunch's only file in that folder is exefs.nsp.

  4. Launch your CFW (emuMMC or sysMMC shouldn't matter) and enjoy your custom, new HOME menu!


Make sure you don't remove anything else but the stuff mentioned here, in order to avoid any potential trouble!

  1. Remove 0100000000001001, 010000000000100B and 01008BB00013C000 folders from your CFW's titles folder.

  2. Remove ONLY the exefs.nsp file from 0100000000001000 folder inside titles (there might be a romfs folder, which could be a normal HOME menu theme/NXTheme)

  3. (Optional) if you wish to completely remove uLaunch, you can make a full reset by removing the ulaunch folder in SD root. Note that this will remove any folders or special entries/homebrew added to main menu! (only the accesses, not the homebrew itself)


The easiest way to disable uLaunch would be renaming its main file, exefs.nsp inside 0100000000001000 folder, inside your CFW's titles folder, to something like disabled.nsp (anything different will be enough).

To re-enable it again, just rename it back to exefs.nsp.


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