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Check that a file/directory structure conforms to a given JSON Schema
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A tool to check that a directory structure conforms to a given JSON Schema.

In case of check failure, following actions can be taken, depending on your configuration:

  • Output defects to the console
  • Send a file listing all defects to a Slack conference room


Using pip should suffice

pip install filemarx


You have to produce a JSON Schema file against which your directory's structure will be validated. An example of this can be found in the samples/design.json file.

Let's say that your file structure is this:


Then the produced JSON would be



The command takes 3 mandatory positional arguments:

  1. Check name (to be set arbitrarily)
  2. Schema file location
  3. Directory to be checked


filemarx Design samples/design.json /home/myself/designs

State-keeping options

If you run filemarx in a cron but you don't want errors to come up every minute, you can ignore them for X seconds once discovered. This can be done with a combination of options -t which sets a timeout (in seconds) and -s which indicate where to store the state file.

# Only pop errors every hour
filemarx -t 3600 -s /tmp/design_state.json Design samples/design.json /home/myself/designs

Pushing results to Slack

filemarx can connect to the Slack API in order to push errors to a given Slack channel. In order to do that, you need to get an API Token, then use options --slack-token and --slack-channels.

# Send it all to Slack
filemarx --slack-token 'get-your-own' --slack-channels '#general,#design' -t 3600 -s /tmp/design_state.json Design samples/design.json /home/myself/designs
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