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Visual Studio Code Extension based on Xtext for Deep Learning DSL

This is a Deep Learning Script integration for Visual Studio Code based on Xtext grammar using the Language Server Protocol for communication.

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Requires Visual Studio Code (VS Code) with version 1.4.0 or greater to be on the path as code and Java 8+ available as java.

  • Run ./gradlew startCode

This will start VS Code and after a few seconds load the demo folder of this repository.

Building in Details

  1. Make sure that java -version is executable and pointing to a Java 8+ JDK.
  2. Type code. If the command is not known, open VS Code and select View / Command Palette. Enter code and select to install code on the path.
  3. Run ./gradlew startCode to build the DSL and the VS Code extensions.

Scenario 1 (embedded server)

  1. Install the self-contained extension into VS Code using code --install-extension vscode-extension-self-contained/build/vscode/vscode-extension-self-contained-0.0.1.vsix
  2. Run a second instance of vscode on the demo folder code demo

Scenario 2 (client-only with separate server process)

  1. Run ./gradlew run or launch RunServer from Eclipse.
  2. Open vscode-extension in VS Code and F5 to launch new editor (you may need a Debug -> Start Debugging initally).
  3. Open folder demo in the new editor.

Build VS Code Extension Package manually (manually Gradle)

npm install -g vsce
cd vscode-extension
vsce package
cd ../vscode-extension-self-contained
vsce package