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alang is a toy compiler written for a statically typed langugage similar to C in terms of features. alang only targets 64-bit X86-64 Linux and generates free standing binaries that don't depend on libc by default.

What does the lanaguage look like?

souvenir excersises all of alang's features. Please take a look if you are interested.


  • import "" for printf debugging during development
  • nasm as a runtime dependency for assembling object files
  • ld for linking


  • Run go test -tags integration to run integration tests
  • Run go generate parsing/*go to get proper parse tree printing
  • Run go generate ir/*go to get proper ir printing

Here is what the compiler does to generate a binary: parse into ast -> frontend generates ir -> type check/inference happens on ir -> generate nasm asm -> pass asm to nasm and run ld

  • Instructions from ir operate on variables numbered from 0. Variables can be of any size
  • The first few variables are procedure arguments
  • While most irs have all the variables they use in the main struct body, there are some exceptions. See frontend.Prune(). The Extra field of ir.Inst comes in handy
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