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Xtheme is a set of services for IRC networks designed for large IRC networks with high scalability requirements. It is relatively mature software, with some code and design derived from another package called Atheme and Shrike.

Xtheme's behavior is tunable using modules and a highly detailed configuration file. Almost all behavior can be changed at deployment time just by editing the configuration.

If you are running this code from Git, you should read GIT-Access for instructions on how to fully check out the Xtheme tree, as it is spread across many repositories.

Basic build instructions for the impatient

Whatever you do, make sure you do not install Xtheme into the same location as the source. Xtheme will default to installing in $HOME/xtheme, so make sure you plan accordingly for this.

$ git submodule update --init
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

If you're still lost, read INSTALL or GIT-Access for hints. Help is also available on the Xtheme IRC Services Wiki

IRC Support

  • IRC #Xtheme
  • IRC #Xtheme

SWI (services web interface) Web Panel for Xtheme

If you are interested in having a Services Web Interface (or Services Web Panel), SWI IS compatible with Xtheme and other Atheme forks, and is available at: or

Stay up-to-date with XthemeOrg

For News, Updates and Security Advisories, please subscribe to the XthemeOrg News mailing list at:

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