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Xtheme v8.0.0 VISION #72

siniStar7boy opened this Issue Aug 31, 2017 · 0 comments


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siniStar7boy commented Aug 31, 2017

Xtheme v8.0.0 VISION


  • chanserv/akick: Modernize AKICK kick messages to not resemble "eggdrop" style ban messages. (AKICK kicks now look like: * ChanServ has kicked spammer123 ((siniStar) Spambots) )
  • chanserv/freeze: Remove the BotServ bot assigned when a channel is frozen so that you do not have ChanServ and a BotServ bot in the channel, producing multiple outputs from FANTASY commands.
  • chanserv/invite: Should only accept 1 channel (and it should be valid) Issue reported upstream (atheme/atheme#567)
  • chanserv/squiets - Add SQUIETs (ChanServ/BotServ timed or permanent QUIETs)
  • access/flags: Add check for new config option that when enabled; prevents un-verified users from being added to any channel access lists or flags until the user verifies the account. (when verification option is on)
  • Some updates to the ACCESS command.
  • Some updates to the XOP command.
  • chanserv/suspend: Stop referring to "lists" - there isn't one. There is only a suspension flag (+P)
  • chanserv will now inform suspended users that their access/flags are suspended upon entry.
  • chanserv/mass(de) - Add the mass-DE actions to complete the chanserv/mass commands.
  • chanserv/flags: No longer show AKICK entries in FLAGS LIST output. They have their own list. (This also prevents them from scanning AKICKS in PUBACL channels to curb ban evasion)


  • Rename references from KLINE to AKILL (causes 3 xtheme.conf updates)
  • Add config option to allow/disallow non-verified users from gaining channel access until the account is verified. (if applicable)
  • proxyscan/dnsbl: Update internal options from KLINE to AKILL (for consistency)
  • hostserv: vhost_change added to limit how often (in days) a user must wait between vHost changes without staff intervention. (1 new xtheme.conf addition)


  • contrib/zlinechan (currently works with InspIRCd)
  • contrib/ajoin: ensure that only valid channels are added to AJOIN
  • contrib/akillchan: since this module is typically used to fight bots/drones, instead of akilling user host (which is ineffective when the bots use different idents), akill ip instead to be more effective.
  • contrib/akillnicklist: update to akill ip instead of user and host, and update the AKILL reason and alert.
  • Update various contrib modules
  • os_alert: fix compile warnings
  • os_trace: updated for config updates (re: KLINE_* to AKILL_*)


  • core/services: Add WARNING about account not having completed Verification (when applicable) upon successful authentication (via IDENTIFY, SASL, External)


  • Additional Documentation and updates to existing Documentation
  • Database updates
  • Update various Help files (including contrib modules' HELP)
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Various code cleanups (i blame myself)


  • Add vhost_change config option to limit how often (in days) a user can request a new vHost or change it with the TAKE command.


  • nickserv/badmail: Enhance with the ability to just reject/refuse the bad email address (and thus the registration) as well as AKILL on certain matches/hits. (Can be useful when botnets are hitting Services with REGISTER) [#74]
  • Add FGROUP command, allowing forcefully GROUPing a nickname to an account.
  • Add FDROPMAIL command, allowing Services Operators to drop a series of accounts by email address matching. (Excludes Services Operators and HELD nicknames/accounts)
  • Add NOTICE to users attemping ChanServ commands with NickServ


  • Logging system for connects/disconnects, channel creation & destruction, joins/parts, nick and topic changes, similar to LOGUSERS on @anope
  • INFO: Refer to KLINE as AKILL
  • INFO: Add vhost_change to OperServ INFO output.
  • INFO: Display whether verifiedaccess is enabled or not.
  • LOGGING: Updates/tweaks to some logging. (VERBOSE log setting will display more information during certain events: such as a user not identifying in time, some automated services actions, and reasons.)
  • INFO: command updated to provide more information, and organize them into proper "sections"
  • Xtheme Services Flood Protection: Add configurable actions upon reaching the maximum flood threshold (e.g. Add user to Services IGNORE, KILL user, or AKILL user.) (not ANTIFLOOD)


  • protocols/chatircd: Add support for the ChatIRCd (modern Charybdis fork) protocol.
  • protocols/unreal4: fix SASL support


  • Change config option from KLINE to AKILL, and update xtheme.conf


  • Updates to Xtheme wiki for Modules list and additional information on module functionality.
  • Updates for newly added functionality as of Xtheme 8
  • Update some of the links on the Wiki, now that we use GitHub pages primarily for our project web hosting.

This list is not final yet, and is likely to be updated as progress is made. At this time, there is also no ETA on a release date for Xtheme 8.0.0, however most recent changes are available in the master branch via Git.

Please feel free to comment/discuss via comments and continue opening suggestions or bug reports via Issues.

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