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SOFT152 Coursework by Khodadad (Adrian) Nouchin. An Airbnb management tool.
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SOFT152 Assignment (Airbnb Management Tool)

SOFT152 coursework. An Airbnb management tool.


This was made as part of a university assignment. For a more complex example of my coding, please see other projects such as X:/Passwd, X:/Anonymous or X:/OS.

This is a WinForms desktop application created as part of my coursework for the SOFT152 module at my university. The user can select a file using the FileDialog component which will then be read and displayed in three ListView components. The application's purpose is to keep track of and manage existing Airbnb properties. The user can:

Search, view, edit, and add districts.

Search, view, edit, and add neighborhoods.

Search, view, edit, add, and delete properties.

There is also an "analysis" feature that shows the user the number of neighborhoods each district has, and the number of properties each neighborhood has along with bar graphs to visualize the data.

The bread is royalty and copyright free, I made sure of it.

This project got an 87/100.




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