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  • update scheduler, merge io workers and normal workers


MAY 0.3.5 use crossbeam work stealing deque for scheduler

  • remove clippy warnings
  • optimize some code
  • fix cancel tricky bug
  • add syn_flag primitive
  • scheduler update support work stealing (#49)


MAY 0.3.0 improve performance and add some new features

  • fix bugs
  • add https server example
  • add websocket server example
  • replace net2 dependency with socket2 (#21)
  • improve performance for getting scheduler instance
  • support CoIo as a generic wrapper for normal io object (#22)
  • support unix socket (#17)


MAY 0.2.0 focus on changing the spawn APIs to unsafe so that apply rust safety rules. And this is a breaking change to v0.1.0

  • all the spawn APs are declared with unsafe for TLS access and stack exceed limitations
  • add go! macro for ease of use 'spawn' APIs to avoid writing unsafe block explicitly
  • add simple http server example
  • remove unsafe code for MAY configuration
  • improve documentation


MAY 0.1.0 is the first public release.

  • This release supports x86_64 Linux/MacOs/Windows platforms.
  • Both stable and night rust compilation are supported.
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